BIGSOFTI ONE + Universal Clip

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BIGSOFTI ONE is an ultra lightweight, portable LED soft-light for better photos & videos on your phones, tablets, laptops, cameras & more. It delivers perfect soft, bright light. Ideal for beginners & experts alike. With the rotating barrel mount design (patent pending), you can control the angle of light by up to 45 degrees and quickly switch between accessory options.

Use BIGSOFTI ONE on your mobile, tablet and laptop with the UNIVERSAL CLIP (included) and maximise the versatility across all your devices with the CAMERA SHOE with 1/4”-20 thread, and SURFACE ADHESIVE MOUNT (each sold separately).


  1. Limited 1-year Warranty
  3. Universal Clip Accessory (for phones, tablets & laptops)
  4. 400mm | 15.75” premium silicon USB-C cable




  • 5 Brightness Settings
  • 3 Colour Settings: Cool Daylight, Warm Tungsten, Clean White
  • Slim fit styling - slips in your pocket
  • Touch sensor buttons
  • Rechargeable: Up to 10h run time (approx 1.3h at 100% brightness)
  • Battery indicator panel
  • Included: 400mm | 15.75” premium silicon USB-C cable
  • Included: Universal Clip



  • Custom soft-light diffusion panel
  • 70 bi-colour 2-in-1 LEDs
  • up to 1200 LUX @ .3m (can be dimmed 10%-100%)
  • Photography grade LEDs - CRI 95+ and TLCI 99+
  • USB Type C port
  • 1500mAh li-poly battery

Custom 2-in-1 LED Technology

Most other bi-colour LED panels on the market have half the LEDs in the cooler balance and half in the warmer balance - meaning that if they have 60 LEDs in total, you get 30 cool, 30 warm and 60 mixed. The custom 2-in-1 LEDs in BIGSOFTI produce light from all 70 LEDs all the time, to deliver 70 LEDs in COOL DAYLIGHT and 70 LEDs in WARM TUNGSTEN.  CLEAN WHITE then utilises a mixed output from both. While we do not claim it to be a 140 LED unit, when you use BIGSOFTI, you'll see every LED in the panel working all the time giving a full, soft coverage of the panel.

Customer Reviews

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easy bright

The item is lightweight, easy to attach, bright, and simple to use. I give it 4.5 stars. I would give 5 stars if the light could be attached by either long side so I could utilize the usb port easier.

Parcel still not delivered

I have Still not received my parcel! Ordered on 22nd March :(

The Best Light For Social Media Video

I bought into the Bigsofti during kickstarter stage. Since they arrived, two lights, all the accessories for laptop, phone, camera and tripod, I have used them every day. I have told everyone I know to buy them. They charge super quickly and last for at least a long three hour online meeting before needing recharge. I also sit with a window to my left so I can have different brightness settings on each light to balance it out. They are the best

Pocket dream

I have been using this on a nearly daily basis for months now. Charges quickly, very stable clip, great range of brightness and color temperature. I am a fan. Yes, it took a while to arrive, its a start-up product, but I bought it on Indigogo and its part of the expectation. The actual product and performance are excellent, and I think the pricing is good too. Cheaper is not always better; this seems robust.

It’s ok, but I’d hoped for more

This light isn’t the most expensive but it’s also isn’t the cheapest and, based on its performance, I probably could have bought a much cheaper one that achieves the same result. However, what I do really like is the universal clip. So far it’s worked on a phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. The fit isn’t snug but is secure enough not to fall off.