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✓Limited 1-year Warranty


✓Universal Clip Accessory (for phones, tablets & laptops)

✓400mm | 15.75” premium silicon USB-C to USB-A cable


✓5 Brightness Settings

✓3 Colour Settings: Cool Daylight, Warm Tungsten, Clean White

✓Slim fit styling - slips in your pocket

✓Touch sensor buttons

✓Rechargeable: Up to 10h run time (approx 1.3h at 100% brightness)

✓Battery indicator panel

✓Included: 400mm | 15.75” premium silicon USB-C to USB-A cable

✓Included: Universal Clip


✓Custom soft-light diffusion panel

✓70 bi-colour 2-in-1 LEDs

✓Up to 1200 LUX @ .3m (can be dimmed 10%-100%)

✓Photography grade LEDs - CRI 95+ and TLCI 99+

✓USB-C port

✓1500mAh li-poly battery

Custom 2-in-1 LED Technology

Most other bi-colour LED panels on the market have half the LEDs in the cooler balance and half in the warmer balance - meaning that if they have 60 LEDs in total, you get 30 cool, 30 warm and 60 mixed. The custom 2-in-1 LEDs in BIGSOFTI produce light from all 70 LEDs all the time, to deliver 70 LEDs in COOL DAYLIGHT and 70 LEDs in WARM TUNGSTEN.  CLEAN WHITE then utilises a mixed output from both. While we do not claim it to be a 140 LED unit, when you use BIGSOFTI, you'll see every LED in the panel working all the time giving a full, soft coverage of the panel.


See the difference Bigsofti makes on photos.

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