Does BIGSOFTI make my photos & videos better?
Absolutely. Photography is all about the capture of light. Light allows your camera to work at it’s best, reducing grainy noise, or blurring in the image. And a bigger, softer light source reduces the harshness of any shadows, blemishes and bumps on your face. BIGSOFTI puts film-set inspired lighting into your pocket.

Does BIGSOFTI work with my phone?
BIGSOFTI has been designed with a Universal Clip that makes it suitable for all leading smartphone brands.  We focussed on functionality for the iPhone X, XS, MAX, the Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, the Google Pixel 2, 3.  Because it can be attached to any side of any phone, chances are it will work with yours.

Does BIGSOFTI work with my laptop?
The Universal Clip design means BIGSOFTI will fit most leading laptop brands too.  With soft rubber stoppers, and made from a super resilient, flexible material - chances are it will work with yours. The fixed shape of the clip means that it may sit loosely on some models with very thin monitors, but with the rotating head, you will be able to find the position that illuminates your face best.

Will BIGSOFTI scratch my devices?
No. The Universal Clip has been designed with the soft rubber stoppers so while they can hold on tight, you’ll never have to worry about the risk of scratching.  

Can BIGSOFTI be used with a desktop monitor?
Yep. With our Surface Adhesive Mount (sold separately), you can affix BIGSOFTI to any flat surface with 3M VHB sticky pads for extra placement versatility.

Does BIGSOFTI work with my cameras?
Sure does. The Camera Shoe with 1/4”-20 Thread (sold separately) fits on your regular DSLR or mirrorless camera for perfect soft, diffused light. Weighing an ultra lightweight 85 grams (3oz), there is nearly no added weight so you can shoot handheld all day and night. With the 1/4”-20 Thread in the bottom, it can also be mounted to a small tripod or light stand for maximum versatility.

Can I use multiple BIGSOFTI's at the same time?
Definitely. By adding more than one to your kit, you can create key, fill, and backlight. The Universal Clip, Camera Shoe with 1/4”-20 Thread, and Surface Adhesive Mount options means you can attach them any which way you need. And at only 85g (3oz) it’s so light that in a tight situation, you could easily gaffer tape it into a hidden spot for that perfect soft light in any setting.

How bright is BIGSOFTI?
BIGSOFTI measures 119.4 fc / 1200 lux at 0.98' / 0.3 m on the CLEAN WHITE setting.  But key to our product focus is achieving both a lovely soft diffused light and a super high clarity of light output. 
It has 5 presets DIM - LOW - MID - HIGH - MAX that can be easily selected to get the desired illumination.  Plus a dimming function that can fade 10%-100% brightness for fine tuning your selection. 

How long does the battery last?
BIGSOFTI is powered by a 1500mAh custom lithium poly battery that provides up to 10 hours of runtime. At MAX power you will get between 1.3-1.5 hours* 
(*Guide - charge is subject to things like battery age and climate conditions etc)

How do you charge BIGSOFTI?
BIGSOFTI charges with a USB-C connection and comes with a 400mm / 15.75” premium silicon USB-C charging cable. USB C allows it to be used while charging - but like any lithium battery, use whilst on charge may adversely effect the battery life over time.

How long does it take to charge?
It takes between 1.5-2 hours to charge from fully flat.

How big is BIGSOFT?
We’ve made BIGSOFTI as big as possible so it can throw lovely soft light - while giving it a similar sized footprint to your smartphone.  It is 110mm wide, 54mm high and 13.5mm thick. When it comes to lighting - bigger is definitely better. 

How many LEDs are in BIGSOFTI?
BIGSOFTI utilises 70 custom 2-in-1 bi-colour LEDs to create the lovely soft diffused light output. 

What does the BIGSOFTI Custom 2-in-1 LED Technology mean?

Most other bi-colour LED panels on the market have half the LEDs in the cooler balance and half in the warmer balance - meaning that if they have 60 LEDs in total, you get 30 cool, 30 warm and 60 mixed. The custom 2-in-1 LEDs in BIGSOFTI produce light from all 70 LEDs all the time, to deliver 70 LEDs in COOL DAYLIGHT and 70 LEDs in WARM TUNGSTEN.  CLEAN WHITE then utilises a mixed output from both. While we do not claim it to be a 140 LED unit, when you use BIGSOFTI, you'll see every LED in the panel working all the time giving a full, soft coverage of the panel.

What is the CRI / TLCI rating (and what does that even mean)?
The Colour Rendering Index or CRI (originally created for industrial and architectural scenarios) measures how accurately a light source reproduces colours on a scale from 1 to 100. 100 being the colour reproduced by daylight as the benchmark for colour reproduction. The LEDs in BIGSOFTI are classed as High CRI and rated at 95+

However, a more important rating when it comes to LEDs is the Television Lighting Consistency Index or TLCI. It also runs a scale from 0-100. The LEDs in BIGSOFTI are rated at TLCI 99+ This puts our LEDs in the range where any colour variation is so small, a film colourist would not consider correcting it. These are class leading numbers resulting in better looking images for you.

What is colour temperature and why does it matter?
Colour temperature is the way cinematographers and photographers describe ‘white’ light. At one end of colour spectrum is DAYLIGHT - which is a cooler (think blue) coloured white. 
At the other is TUNGSTEN which is the colour of traditional incandescent light bulbs - a much warmer (think yellow) light. The difference can be seen in your home if you switch on a lamp during the day - both can be called ‘white’ light - but you will easily see that one feel warmer than the other.

What colour temperature is BIGSOFTI?
BIGSOFTI allows full control of your lighting so can switch between 3 settings:

1 - Clean White (3800K)
This is the default setting and will be the right choice in most situations. It sits in between the DAYLIGHT and the TUNGSTEN to give a subtle clean mix.

2 - Cooler Daylight (5000K)
This is the cooler coloured white. It would be used typically outside during the day where there is predominantly daylight filling in the shot. Or inside to light a subject who is backlit from exterior windows.

3 - Warmer Tungsten (2800K)
This is the warmer coloured white. It would be used inside at night, when the other lights around you were likely to be warmer tungsten bulbs.

Is BIGSOFTI cutting edge mobile lighting? 

You bet! With a design that is Patent Pending with IP Australia - App. No. 2020901506 and made with class leading LED and electronic components - BIGSOFTI is changing the way we take photos.

How will I receive BIGSOFTI?
BIGSOFTI will be shipped from our fulfilment centre to you via tracked and insured airmail, nearly anywhere in the world.

Can I become a reseller of BIGSOFTI?
Let’s chat. We’d love to learn more about your business! Please send us a mail at hello@bigsofti.com with some more information and we’ll be happy to share price lists and sell sheets.

Want to write about us?

Please follow this link to access our press kit and also feel free to reach out to hello@bigsofti.com and we'll be happy to help arrange any other assets you might need.